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Our Areas of Expertise

With over 20 years in the business we have the experience to get the job done right the very first time Our services include: line striping, parking lot and traffic control signage, wheel stops. To find out more about how we can help you please click the tab below for the service you are most interested in.
A poorly striped lot can give your customers a bad first impression of your business Don’t let this happen to you.Learn More
Protect buildings, vehicles and other fixed structures from accidents with our parking lot bumpers.

Learn More
Fast food restaurants, banks, gas stations and many other businesses need to safely control traffic on their lots. Learn how to avoid problems.Learn More
Handicap spaces. Stop signs. Traffic directional signs and even signs with your custom text. We have all the signs you need.Learn More

Our Other Services

While we specialize in parking lot striping, it’s far from all that we offer. We have the knowledge and resources to help in all areas of parking lot maintenance.

Asphalt is a hard wearing surface, but over time can degrade due to overuse, weather conditions and lack of maintenance. Common problems are potholes and cracks, however these may be a sign that the sub-base is damaged. We have professionals trained to determine the most cost effective way to repair your lot and who will work with you to determine the best long term solution for your project.
These can include any of the following:.

  • Crack Sealing
  • Asphalt Patching
  • Pothole Repair
  • Full Removal & Replacement
Don’t wait until you need costly repair job, some simple lot maintenance can save you money and make sure you get the longest life possible from your parking lot. Asphalt lots should last anywhere from 15 – 20 years, yearly maintenance can protect the sub-base and insure you get the longest life possible. It’s also important to remove any old or unwanted striping as this can cause customer confusion.
Your parking lot is the part of your business customers have contact with. Making a good first impression means everything should be cleaned, painted and well maintained. This includes the curbs and bumpers. Painting curbs also adds to the safety of your facility by clearly identifying trip hazards. Clearly painted curbs not only makes a favorable impression to your customers but helps to ensure you are less vulnerable to lawsuits arising from lack of markings. Do not overlook this vital piece of your parking lot when considering your next project.
Clearly painted and color coded curbs can help identify:

  • Loading Zones
  • Designate Parking & Non-parking Areas
  • Fire Lanes
  • Disabled Parking
Stenciling can take many forms. From the most obvious disabled parking bays to identifying drive-thru lanes and customer carry out parking. We can create stencils for anything your heart desires so you can add your logo onto your designated spaces in a strip mall or mark off certain spots as carry-out parking only. We also do stencils of lettering making it possible to add text to fire lanes, one ways and no entry areas. Whatever your stenciling project, large or small, we have the capabilities to handle it.
Like curb striping, bumpers and wheel stops vital to the safety of your lot. If the spaces in your lot face onto a sidewalk or pedestrian area, bumpers should be installed to protect the safety of those walking or sitting there. Your bumpers can be painted to indicate designated spots for your business or even be stenciled with special offers or other advertising messages. Click here for more info on our parking lot bumper services.
If you wish to keep up the look of your lot then it’s advisable to re-stripe your lines as they start to wear. Re-striping over the old lines before they become too worn is a much cheaper option than having to mark out and paint a lot from scratch. Assuming your original lines are painted straight and located to give the best use of your lot this is often the cheapest way to go.

Why Choose Us

      • Professional, experienced personnel.
      • Outstanding reputation for reliability.
      • Take the worry out of complying with regulations, let us advise you on what you need to stay legal.
      • Turn-key results from a single contractor.

What Client’s Say

You have a customer for life. Year after year you guys do a great job of restoring our parking lot.
John B, National Grocer
After we had our store remodeled, we needed to have the lot and drive-thru painted in record time for our re-opening day. Even with questionable weather, your team came through with a high quality job completed by our tight deadline. I would highly recommend you to anyone!.
Jason W, National Restaurant
Thank You for the speedy response to my quote request, the parking lot turned out great and at the right price!
Carol H, National Retailer
This was my first time having to find someone to do this type of work, I’m so pleased I choose you, your knowledge and professionalism really put my mind at ease. The job turned out great and I’m a very satisfied customer, thanks!!!!
Frank T, Manufacturing Facility
It’s nice to have a contractor that I can trust. We are really happy with this latest job, as we have been with all the other stores you have striped for us.
Susan B, Multi Unit Retailer